Fly Fishing Comments

Bill Owen, USA

Rok: I just returned to New Mexico after our 5 weeks in Europe. The highlight for me was the 4 days that Doug and I spent with you fishing the crystal clear waters of Slovenia. I have fished a lot of trophy streams here in the States, New Zealand (both islands for 3 months) and South America. In my opinion your waters compare favorably to the very best of these destinations. I was amazed at the number and size of the trout and the variety of the streams. In addition, the bonus of fishing for and catching the unique marble trout made for a very memorable trip.

Bill Owen USA

On a personal note, I want to thank you for going out of your way to accommodate my handicap of a broken (non-casting) arm. Now that I’m healed, I am ruminating about a return visit.

All the best, Bill Owen - Taos, New Mexico, USA