Fly Fishing Comments

Jason Pennington: USA

First I apologize for not writing sooner, My name is Jason and we fished Slovenia in July. We stayed at Hotel Zlata Ribica and the Family there was nothing but 1st class, the accommodation was so fabulous. They were so helpful with any information we needed along with any room request. The facility was so beautiful, clean, organized and the food  was wonderful. Then we received 2 guides just like we booked. Your attention to what we needed showed based on the guides you sent. They were young, experienced, in shape, and work horses. They never stopped instructing, tie flies, netting etc...... and we fished sun up to sun down. I personally caught so many fish as so did my brother and our wives. Then day 2 we split up and went after big fish and I was put on a 60cm+ rainbow that weighed 3 kilos and I landed it. The guides were polite and respectable I cant say enough. Please feel free to use any photos and if you want to post a testimony I will write a short one up.
Jason Pennington
Malibu, California
Jason Pennington: USA