Fly Fishing Comments

Matthew Swan

What a fantastic trip!!!! I have been letting
everyone know about your great service. I am about to
make an Ovris order does Don or anybody else need
waders (I can make about 2 orders of waders). What is
the address you want me to send the CD of pictures.

Hope to see ya next year,
from the sunny side of Yellowstone


Matthew Swan

Ronald L. Tammen, USA

I wanted you to know that I could not have had a better fishing adventure than my three days with you in Slovenia in July. To recapitulate, you said on the first day I would catch a lot of fish--naming a figure I did not think even remotely possible. And we did. On the second day, you said we would try to catch a Marble trout--no guarantees but we would make the effort. I was not so concerned if that did not happen but I noticed that you did not really relax until I had caught one. I was more worried about your expectations than mine! I ended up with four for the trip, from two diffeerent tributaries. And the beautiful pricture you took of one on the upper section of a smaller stream that had remarkable dark markings.On the third day, you said I "could" catch a lot of bigger fish. And so we did--20 fish over 14 inches from one hole alone. What a day fishing a small stream with no one in sight for most of the time.


I fish some of the best waters in the world here in Oregon--the Deschutes, Willamette, Clackamas, McKenzie, Wilson, Trask, and many others. But there was something very special about the Julian Alps. Your knowledge of every stream was essential for my trip as there had been storms in the mountains and most streams were blown out. But you knew the ones that would remain fishable and where.

I will return when I can. I am torn between telling others about it and keeping it a secret to share with a more limited number of people. Good things often do not last.

Again, my thanks for an exceptional three days of world class fishing.
My best,

Ronald L. Tammen, USA

Bill Owen, USA

Rok: I just returned to New Mexico after our 5 weeks in Europe. The highlight for me was the 4 days that Doug and I spent with you fishing the crystal clear waters of Slovenia. I have fished a lot of trophy streams here in the States, New Zealand (both islands for 3 months) and South America. In my opinion your waters compare favorably to the very best of these destinations. I was amazed at the number and size of the trout and the variety of the streams. In addition, the bonus of fishing for and catching the unique marble trout made for a very memorable trip.

Bill Owen USA

On a personal note, I want to thank you for going out of your way to accommodate my handicap of a broken (non-casting) arm. Now that I’m healed, I am ruminating about a return visit.

All the best, Bill Owen - Taos, New Mexico, USA