4 seasons video - Fly Fishing Slovenia

This video is about Fly fishing Slovenia.

Fishing all 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Fishing for Marble trout, Grayling, Hucho, Huchen, Danube salmon, Danube Taimen, Brown trout, Lake trout and Rainbow trout. Fishing on crystal clear Soca river, Sava river, Savinja river, Krka river, Idrijca river, Unica river, Sora river, Sava Bohinjka river, Sava dolinjka river, Radovna river, Dreta river, Mirna river, Kokra river, Lepena river, Tolminka river, Koritnica river, Baca river, Trebuscica river, Kanomljica river, Vipava river, Rizana river, Radescica river, Kneza river, Ucja river. Using different tehniques from dry fly fishing, nymph fishing, streamer fishing and european style nymphing.
Filmed by Rok Lustrik professional fly fishing guide in Slovenia at www.lustrik.com with help from Orvis, Costa sunglasses, Huchofishing, Fisheries research institute of Slovenia, fishing club Tolmin, fishing association of Slovenia and Flyfishingapp where all locations are featured.

Slovenia is a unique fly fishing destination since it offers a lot of diversity. From gin clear Alpine freestone rivers to mysterious chalk streams. Diversity of fish species also makes it special and one of a kind. In the Adriatic watershed Marble trout is apex predator. Co-existing with Grayling and Rainbow trout. Main rivers here are the Idrijca and the Soca river with its tributaries. In the Black Sea watershed located in central and Southern Slovenia. Hucho/ Huchen/Danube Salmon is the Apex specie. Main rivers are Sava river, Savinja river, Sora river, Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinjka, Krka river, Unica river and their tributaries. Inhabited also with indigenous Brown trout and Grayling. Rainbow trout is present in most Slovenian rivers from beginning of 20th century and spawn naturally. In Slovenia within a week it is possible to fish more than 10 different rivers from mountainous freestone to chalk streams that are 1h drive apart. Making Slovenia a one of a kind fishing destination.