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Dear Rok
I had been having problems with my e-mail and am finally getting around to finishing the list of people I thought I had e-mailed but hadn't. I would like to thank you on behalf of David and myself for being our guide when we were in Slovenia at the end of June/beginning of July. We found our days on the Sava Bohinjka enjoyable but especially enjoyed our day on fishing the various rivers in the Soca basin. The train journey through the mountains was a wonderful experience and the scenic splendour and variety of river scene was something to behold.

Darren David - IrelandDarren David - Ireland

Without your guidance and help our success rate would have been, let's just say, substantially less. We are grateful to you for showing us the different rivers and the methods to use. I have to say that the trout on the Soca in particular would have remained entirely undisturbed without you there to show me where they were and how to catch them.

I haven't fished much here as it has been a particularly wet summer, with my local river ( the Exe) rarely coming down to a fishable height. I got out one evening last week when the river did drop and managed 3 grayling of about 14 inches which is good for our river. Now the rains have come again.
I hope you have had a good summer and at least some time to take a rest.

All the very best

Ronald L. Tammen, USA

I wanted you to know that I could not have had a better fishing adventure than my three days with you in Slovenia in July. To recapitulate, you said on the first day I would catch a lot of fish--naming a figure I did not think even remotely possible. And we did. On the second day, you said we would try to catch a Marble trout--no guarantees but we would make the effort. I was not so concerned if that did not happen but I noticed that you did not really relax until I had caught one. I was more worried about your expectations than mine! I ended up with four for the trip, from two diffeerent tributaries. And the beautiful pricture you took of one on the upper section of a smaller stream that had remarkable dark markings.On the third day, you said I "could" catch a lot of bigger fish. And so we did--20 fish over 14 inches from one hole alone. What a day fishing a small stream with no one in sight for most of the time.


I fish some of the best waters in the world here in Oregon--the Deschutes, Willamette, Clackamas, McKenzie, Wilson, Trask, and many others. But there was something very special about the Julian Alps. Your knowledge of every stream was essential for my trip as there had been storms in the mountains and most streams were blown out. But you knew the ones that would remain fishable and where.

I will return when I can. I am torn between telling others about it and keeping it a secret to share with a more limited number of people. Good things often do not last.

Again, my thanks for an exceptional three days of world class fishing.
My best,

Ronald L. Tammen, USA

Daniel Zimmermann, Schwitzerland

Once again i want to thank you for all you've done. It was one of the greatest fishing experience in my life.I am quite sure, that i will come back in the near future.

Beside your fishing skills your are a very kind guy, so stay the way you are and i wish you all the best for the future.I hope your girl friend is doing well.

Kind regards
Daniel Zimmermann


Daniel Zimmerman